Saturday, July 7, 2012


Ok I know it has been a long time but I'm here to do a summer post! So summer time is here & its time for bright colors & shorts. Neon are so in; hot pink, yellow, green. & blue. Plus adding bright colors to darker colors or pop of colors that go good together. Like orange with blue, green with hot pink, rosy red with   baby blue, white with any bright color & any opposite colors work!   When I wear  something I add my pop of yellows pocket book. Then when you have a solid shirt & you wanna up it up with something: JEWELRY   works! say you have a solid orange shirt find a necklace that has blue in it or has a lot of colors that has orange in it now a school outfit is up ready for a night out with family! Plus another way to associate is adding a vest it brings two print together real well.   Dresses...find a flowery print and add a cute little gray vest and belt it works for a date out. Its all about adding & making it pop!  Well that is all for now. If you have any ideas or need help with yourself. Just comment! Thanks! :) -Hannah 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fun Fashion Quiz!

1. How would you describe your fashion philosophy? 
A. Mostly black & some dark colors or pink. But I have some sparky!
B. Hot pink with some bright colors with always sparky stuff. 
C. Mostly anything...I like dark & bright colors but I can't stand short or anything that makes my skin crawl. 
D. Earthy always. I like to save the Earth. 
2. Your favorite shoes:
A. Black boots or sneakers with some shine...
B. Heels, cute flats, or anything chic. 
C. Sneakers as long I am fine in them. 
D. Brown flats as long as I am comturful. 
3. What accessories do you like?
A. Skulls or anything goth. 
B. Pearls, gold, or flowers/hearts. 
C. Hearts, BFF, & something chic that goes good with my outfit. 
D. Birds, peace, or something Earthy. 
4. Look in your closet. What kind of colors do you see? 
A. Mostly black with other dark colors & some pink. 
B. Pink of course but bright colors as well!
C. Dark & bright colors all mixed in but a lot of my favorite colors. 
D. Brown, sky blue, greens, any color you find outside with some wild colors. 
5. What is your most prized item in your closet? 
A. My black tee with my fav rock band on it. 
B. Hot pink blouse with a lot of different colors with flowers on it. 
C. My fav outfit that always makes me smile when I wear it. 
D. My "Peace On Earth" tee 
Answer & I will tell you what fashion you are! :D 

Friday, January 27, 2012


I am doing this post as a request. Jackets...I am a cold natured so I wear my jacket more than others but I do know what to look for in a good jacket! Well when it is becoming fall or spring or it just isn't that cold out yet you need something then I would say a BF blazer/pea coat. They look really good with skinny jeans and boots with a nice blouse so you can go out on movie night with friends. But you don't have to do black...there are a lot of different colors out there. I like red ones but if you like a bright out color there are some greens..but it wouldn't be the first choice. Like as cute as this is red doesn't go with everything while as black goes with a lot more things. If it ever is really cold like during the dead of winter wear big jackets, I get that it doesn't do much for you but hey if I am warm then that is all that matters!  A small line of keeps you warm & looks cool like the air you breath when its cold out. Then there are hoodie, I like all of them but I just don't like it where I have to pull it over my head when I want it off & have to put it back over my head when I want it on. Yet they keep us that is good! On to North Face...I don't really wear them but just by looking..they have these cool colors so you can find any color you want and they are warm lined with fur. I don't own one myself...the only thing I would have against them is no hood because I like a hood but that is just me. Okay...this has been Hannah with the cold yet Coooool news of JACKETS! If you need anymore help...please E-mail me. If you have any ideas or need help on something please just comment! Thank you & hope you stay warm! :) -Hannah 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Clothes

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! Every wanted to look Christmasly but not like a Christmas freak? Well that is what I am here for!(Your Christmas wish must have come true..) Now the Christmas colors are often:RED, GREEN, & WHITE. So having a solid color shirt of any of those colors works good. Say you own a red shirt add a black belt, a Santa necklace (Or tree whatever Christmas thing you like) then some nice jeans, add some boots , then a jacket because it will be cold and you are ready to go to your Aunt's. Of course you can always do green or white. Then you could do red with white stripes. I love that and it seems cute just add some skinnes (jeans) then boots & a black purse and you are set to go shopping.(But lets hope u already have done it) If you want to look really nice then try a dress! Any color works, you can even do some Christmas earrings and you be set for that date. Oh dear...did someone give you that not so good sweater but you just want to wear for them but..just can't? Well here is a way of that you can...wear that sweater with some rocking jeans that everyone loves, use your makeup to make you look good, don't forget the earrings that always have something to say, & your killer boots. Then if not always have a jacket! Oh makeup time:Don't want to look pale right? Well add some color to your skin blush , add bronzer to your face to give that pretty glow and lips lipstick for me I like. But add a little gloss or go with a rosy pink..hey it still is Christmas like. Santa hats are always there too! They look cute & they always have someone laugh & keep their eye on you...;) Now if this doesn't help then just don't look Christmas like just look your normal nice look. But if you need any more Christmas tips/questions & even if it isn't anything about Christmas, comment or E-mail me! I am always open to ideas as well. Thanks 4 reading, and have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy New Year! (I should have a new year post if not..E-mail me & I can help) Love-Hannah :) 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cute & Cheap

OH NO! You have a date or out to dinner with friends or family....but what do you wear?! Well here are some fast and easy clothes to make you look great looking good but coasting cheap! Ruffles are so in right now...put a ruffled shirt with skinny jeans and good boots but if you are not a boot person like me then wear heels or flat with a bejeweled bow. But if you aren't into ruffles then a cute blouse is really good, add some jewels and skirt then you can re-wear it but not as fancy in jeans and leather jacket!  Jeans & Jacket ready 4 a walk! Not a skirt but if you aren't a skirt person add a cute necklace or bracelet! Blazer with a nice top plays nice with your cute look.. 
 Last but not least: Dress....some girls don't like dresses I understand, I am not a big dress person but I do like to wear them. A cute dress that isn't too short or shows too much....that look good on you & add a cute necklace or what you like with cute shoes and a purse and you are good to go!  I hope I helped you some for when you want to look cute but don't have time to put a whole outfit. Have some of these things and you will be ready 4 sure! Have any questions, want me to write something you need help with, or you want something different PLEASE comment or E-mail me. Thanks hope you night out is good! -Hannah ;) 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Makeup in Fall 2011

Fall makeup is coming up Rosy! Blush gives u a little color to your face during this cold time of winter. Adding a fresh glow to your face when its just one of those days when u roll out of bed and you need a little something good, mostly Mondays. Stick with shades that match your complexion . If your skin is dark, choose darker colors will work well they don't pop out if you wear light colors they go well with your skin, but if you are like me and you have fair skin wear lighter colors you can wear a bit of dark but not to dark where it will pop out, and medium skin its good for medium I can wear light & you can wear dark too! Pink lip gloss is always a good thing to have because it goes with a lot of things and if you have like a glitter lip gloss is good too because you can put a color like purple then with a shine of glitter its cute. If you are my age and have a dark shade of lipstick & you have too much on here what you need to do: Get a tissue dib your lips then add a good shimmer of lip gloss then you are good to. (I do that with my lipstick a lot since it was dark)  Pink eye shadow is good to have too plus brown I don't like brown much but it does do good with some outfits. This is my first makeup post so if it isn't the best I am sorry, I don't wear a lot of makeup which is good you don't want to overdo it but if you do get a tissue or dab it. Hope you like this post if you don't I am sorry & I will try and do my best next time. Oh if you need help on something else please comment or E-mail me to tell me so I can do it. Thanks! -Hannah 

Friday, November 4, 2011


Blouses...okay I goin 2 be honest but I am not really for sure what a blouse is well I know but I don't really know what is & if this not blouses 2 u, I am really sorry & comment so I can try & find what u really want. But blouses are sorta of long (short 2) but flowy like almost (well some..) I went to Rue 21 & I am not into it a lot but it is very cute but it looks like kinda of Indian, ripped at the bottom or the sleeves & bight colors with brown. In that first pic...a cute colorful blouse with a cute belt up top & a nice necklace with a pair of skinny jeans & brown boots. Then this one...its pale pink & flowers which 2 me is in but don't go 4 2 bight of colors as it as become fall & soon 2 be winter now I am not saying u shouldn't wear bight colors but wearing other stuff with it won't look as springy or summer. And if u have something nice to go to like party well u don't want 2 dress down or up so a cute blouse with jeans & nice boots do great for a little night outing or birthday party. Now belts are in & they look great with blouses.  But if u don't like belts then go for a cute necklace, I would have something a bit big because something big makes the rest of ur body look smaller or get a cute short little sweater jacket or vase. I like blouses they r cute & I hope this help those who like blouses as well & wanted some help but if it didn't plz comment or E-mail me, thank u. <3 Hannah P.S.I got most of these picture from: Rue 21 & American Eagle but Ross would be good 2 I bet.